Dental Imaging

Much like film photos, dental images are also processed in a dark room. This process is often associated with chemicals and is a relatively time-consuming procedure. The objective is to get the dental imaging accurate the first time around so that you, the dental patient, will not be exposed to a high volume of radiation.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays have become an advancement in many dental fields. Taking X-rays digitally is more convenient and produces accurate, more reliable results than before. This process is safe for you and quicker than the traditional X-ray. Digital X-rays do not expose individuals to harmful X-ray radiation as the previous technology used to do. Digital X-ray is quicker because it gives instant results. The device is attached to a computer and shows the X-ray on screen immediately.

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Dental imaging is practiced by our dentist after your initial examination. This dental exam determines the extent of dental imaging that is required for a particular procedure. Even a specific tooth or region surrounding the hard tissues are marked prior to the use of digital imaging to avoid excessive usage of radiological instruments. The frequency of using these tools also depends on the individual’s age, dental history and oral hygiene.